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Key Attributes

Delayed Heading

Improved Leaf Density

Dark Green Foliage

Quality with Tonnage

Harvest Flexibility

Compact Panicle (seed head)

    The Elite Class of Forage Oats  


Growth Habit: EverLeaf 126 is a true spring oat with dark green foliage, an erect growth habit and very good Standability.  EverLeaf 126 has leaves that actually extend above the canopy at heading.  EverLeaf 126 is a delayed heading oat and much of its forage mass and quality come from an extended maturity.  Since the plant is naturally vegetative for a longer period, biomass accumulation is extraordinary.  EverLeaf 126 has a compact panicle that offers an attractive product when baled.  Seed count averages 11,000 seed per pound.

Height:  EverLeaf 126 height is medium to tall.  Under good moisture and fertility heads emerge at 48 to 52 inches.  These oats respond well under irrigation and stand erect and resist lodging.

Harvest Stages:

  1.  At boot stage, EverLeaf 126 is highest in crude protein and in percent digestible fiber.  

  2.  At milk stage forage tonnage is optimized with corresponding reduction in crude protein and digestibility.

Disease Resistance:  In many production areas rust has adapted to conventional forage oats and is a significant impediment to quality and tonnage.  Evaluation is continuing on rust resistance and tolerance.   EverLeaf 126 is susceptible to Barley Yellow Dwarf virus.  A seed treat insecticide can be beneficial to combat this problem.

Yield and Quality:  The distinct growth habit of EverLeaf 126 oats has put it in class all its own.  It also displays a strong stooling capability.  Over the 8 years that EverLeaf 126 has been in the market its field performance coast to coast has confirmed its ability to provide tonnage and quality simultaneously.  With the variety’s delayed heading, the plant continues to produce more leaf growth while waiting to head out.  A denser canopy results with a better leaf to stem ration, thus maintaining better quality.

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